Say Goodbye to Plug-Ins

Omnigage is the complete CRM solution

When medium to large size companies search for a customer relationship management service, they are often disappointed to find that few systems offer an out of the box solution. That’s because many of the most popular CRMs used today require a vast array of plug-ins to bring the software to full functionality.

If the goal of a using a CRM system is to leverage its robust features to manage and analyze customer interactions and data and to improve business relationships, then devoting resources trying to find all of the plug-in features your business needs is simply a waste of precious time. A powerful CRM system must be more than a glorified “Rolodex” that requires your team to constantly add features.

That’s why Omnigage designed its out of the box solution to be low touch and easily deployable, with all the critical features your business needs to promote customer retention and to drive growth. Omnigage requires little to no IT setup for companies. It is an all-inclusive communications solution that brings together individual and broadcast email, SMS, voice messaging, advanced dialer and the scheduling of live events into a single, user friendly, intuitive system. Omnigage possesses all of the necessary tools for businesses and their customers to interact directly within one platform.

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